Money Magnet Mastery JV Opportunity

You love your clients.
You are more than happy to share your knowledge with them.
But you go even further.

You give them your time.
You share your passion.
You give them your heart and soul
And then you bend over backwards.
Everything to help them succeed.

Your clients are highly motivated, eager to learn and hard working.
But every now and then there is this client who can’t seem to reach that Big Promise, no matter what!
Somehow they keep self sabotaging, over and over again.

Best case scenario, even that a disaster for you client, they end up with money spent and nothing to show for it.
And they don’t blame you…

As you are reading this, maybe one or two of these clients come to mind?
Let me help you help them

You see, none of what happened is their fault – or yours.

Which is why we need to start talking about the elephant in the room.

We all know there is one.
Because we’ve all had those clients that fail, for no obvious reason at all.
Self sabotage is so bluntly staring your client in the face.
They will admit to it.
So, we blame self sabotage..

What if I told you that self sabotage is only the symptom and not the core issue?
Self sabotage happens when fear takes over.
Dieters self sabotage as they start losing weight, fearing what life will bring if their body changes
Or just think of all the dysfunctional relationships that never get to be mended, as both parties choose to continue their poisonous behavior instead of healing the relationship, just another form of self sabotage.
In business we see thee same thing, only in the shape of money blocks.

Money blocks are highly underestimated and multifaceted.
Most money coaches work with mindset.
Unfortunately the most crippling money blocks can’t be solved with mindset.

Why not?
They are not located nor do they have their origin in the mind.
The deepest money blocks, truly run deep.
They are all based on subconscious programming that was downloaded into the nervous system before the age of 7.

That is why I have decided to offer you this opportunity.
Money Magnet Mastery is designed to help your clients rid themselves of the spell of money blocks.

Once that is done you can work your magic on them again and nothing will stop them form reaching their goals and now you will be able to deliver that Big Promise that