Money Magnet Mastery

A 6-week full on program. 


  • clear your biggest money blocks 
  • get you on the fast track to earning EVEN more 
  • create a new level of wealth

This is about you feeling FREE to be the most powerful, on-fire version of yourself 

to earn MORE and create riches without limits.

You’ll be guided. Step by step we will uncover, identify and clear/eliminate limiting beliefs, hidden programming and any financial trauma that is currently holding you back. As we clear the roots to your deepest blocks to both money AND your value, we bring out more of your natural confidence, personal power, and enthusiastic action… 

…and that changes EVERYTHING! 

Imagine how’d you’d feel if you could: 

  • be free to pay all your bills with a big smile
  • be as generous as you always wanted to be
  • reinvest freely in your company
  • live a life of luxury
  • be the one and only choice for your perfect clients

BUT: Full disclosure: This is not for everyone. To reprogram your core-money-issues you must be willing to do your own work. 

Package includes:

6 (60 min) coaching sessions on Zoom

Recordings of all sessions

Step 1: Let’s get real about money and clear on your goals. Define your money goal and your “big why” – the reason you are doing what you are doing and why you are willing to put in the work. 
Result: You’ll overcome perfectionism, procrastination and any lack of inspiration. You’ll become self-motivated and inspired to do the work. Finally, you’ll reap and relish the rewards.

Step 2: Your Earliest Money Paradigm Uncover and clear the deepest layer of how and why you limit – or even sabotage how much money you can make. What you find will surprise you! 
Result: You will immediately begin to open up to new levels of success and riches.

Step 3: Clear Financial and Goal “Trauma” Financial “Trauma” is highly underestimated and often an underlying reason to why you can’t seem to get out of your own way. 
Result: Imagine waking up every morning with an infinite supply of energy and motivation to make the money you want. All while making a tangible difference in the world.

Step 4: Outrageous Goals Uncover core limiting beliefs around earning and charging. Result: You’ll raise your fees, create high end packages and easily attract even more of those dream clients that you love working with.

Step 5: Clearing the Vows to Be Invisible and to Be Perfect As you step up, we will continue to clear layers of limiting beliefs that go beyond money and wealth issues. Result: Your natural charisma and authority shines through. You’ll attract more clients, money and business. The most important relationships in your life will dramatically improve. My clients experience this as an unexpected but very pleasant side effect.

Step 6: Highest Energy of Creating/Giving/Receiving An eye-opening process that will reveal your biggest inner conflicts and “hidden agendas”. 
Result: Clear your energy and consciousness to create and earn money effortlessly 


  • FB group 
  • Ready-made tapping scripts 
  • DIY videos to speed up your progress 
  • 3 bonus post-program follow up group coaching sessions to support you as you step up and create new ways of earning even more money

Investment:                  Full Pay: $1997

En bild som visar person, inomhus, står

Automatiskt genererad beskrivning                                           Easy Pay: 4 payments of $500